We had a crazy start of the week with 3 money line dogs to the under getting it rolling in South Alabama, Syracuse and Cal which lead us to a wild Saturday that was capped off by Arizona St, Boise and LSU.

My eyes tell me that Georgia’s offense is way more imaginative than what the NFL tight end coach is producing at Bama, it will be interesting to see how the dogs deal with the every increasing praise leading into Auburn and then the title game. Eye test, Stanford best team in P12 now, and Notre Dame controls own destiny…YEP! Proud of Heather Dinich for standing up to the boys and ranking the BEST teams, no the softies with zero losses. Lots of Morning radio guys on Wisc, we said in Aug they would be 10-0 heading into vs Michigan, also on Oh St an we said Sep 10 that in 6 weeks we would talk about how the offense got right. Best win of any of the top 5 Big 10 teams…Michigan, Florida, Army, Pitt or Utah St thats your choices.

CF Winners, let us go to work for you.